To successfully deliver these new products and services tailored to their customer’s needs, enterprises require a broad understanding of their data to drive product innovations and business strategy. The ability to rapidly analyze massive data stores provides companies with the intelligence of what their customers are looking for to create, enhance and tailor their products and services to their customer’s preferences.

The following are two examples of how mobile operators are using their massive data stores to stay ahead of their competition while ensuring customer satisfaction.

AIS, Thailand’s largest mobile operator with more than 40 million subscribers nationally, had some data familiar challenges. They needed to translate billions of records of disparate data for better network management and to use that data to improve their competitive advantage. AIS implemented a Smart Benchmarking Dashboard that allows executive management to easily analyze and troubleshoot their network quality in multiple locations in just a few clicks. Using SQream DB, a SQL-based GPU database, the analysis can include as many as nearly a billion data records from varied sources integrated into a single view on the fly in seconds.

In addition, the system enables AIS to drill down for much deeper data analysis. A complex query of Speed Test Data from different locations comprising hundreds of millions of raw data records took less than 50 seconds with SQream, compared to up to an hour previously.

AIS is now able to keep pace with their customers’ rapidly by increasing data usage and translate that data into real benefits for their customers – whether in helping to manage the quality of their networks or enabling them to keep ahead of the competition.

ACL Mobile is a leading provider of multi-channel enterprise messaging solutions. Since its inception in 2000, ACL has emerged as a front-runner in designing and developing highly secure, scalable and reliable platforms and products across mobile mediums of SMS, voice, email & data. ACL’s solutions help businesses build a smarter connect with their customers, enhance relationships and achieve profitability. ACL sends more than two billion messages a month across 200+ countries with 99.99% reliability and uptime. With over 40,000 queries and hundreds of millions of rows ingested daily, ACL enables customers to deep-dive into data and analyze behavioral reports, while maintaining control of their customer-facing loyalty-building activities. ACL can gain insight into customers’ activities faster than before, increasing productivity with simplified maintenance and lower costs.

Enabling highly customized services that respond to the changing conditions and preferences of the subscribers is critical for mobile operators to achieve the competitive edge needed to expand their businesses. Mobile operators must ensure they have the technology required to dig deep into their huge data stores. Only in this way will they be able to uncover the trends, analysis and insights needed to create and deliver highly innovative and customized content and quality communication services.

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