1.21 GWS New York Head Quarters: As the demand for higher quality has grown in the software industry, so has the need to focus on all attributes of the software contributing to its overall quality.

With growing demand and expertise in software areas like Performance, Load, Security, Usability and Interoperability, software testing has expanded much beyond functional testing alone. Non Functional Testing is aimed at “how well” a system performs its intended functions. It goes beyond ‘functionality’ and focuses on ‘abilities’ of the system.


To cater to these growing needs of the software testing community, we are bringing this Non-Functional Testing Summit to Boston & Miami where you will hear industry experts and understand he latest trends on non-functional testing.


Key take-away

The one-day conference features a highly interactive programme – case studies and traditional presentations interspersed with panel sessions. Discussions with the industry leaders and practitioners will help you to develop and formulate a test strategy and execution framework which is applicable for your own requirements. Participate in the interactive panel sessions and discuss these topics. Come along and have your say – learn from your peers and leave with fresh ideas to improve your management strategy.

Who Should Attend

Software test practitioners, QA Testers
– Functional testers aiming to improve upon non-functional aspects
– Performance/Security/Usability test practitioners aiming to learn the latest industry trends
– Test managers / leaders aiming to bring in processes on non-functional testing in their projects
– Agile testers looking for best practices to include non-functional tests in their teams

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