Speed News Desk | Updated on: 10 July 2018, 12:40 IST

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a form of automated technology that uses artificial intelligence (AI) in order to take care of different tasks. In its very nature, the technology is designed to help take the load off of businesses and their employees. Though you may be surprised by all of the ways in which RPA tools can save you and your business time.


One of the biggest benefits of robotic process automation is that you can tell the AI workers what to do and they can get on with the task at hand quickly. You can set the AI off on its data-gathering or analysis mission, letting it pore over text and images without a huge amount of input.

According to this Recruit Shop report, it may take as long as two years for an employee to be “fully productive” on the task they’ve been trained on. Can you really afford to wait that long for your employees to become efficient at data processing and analysis?

Employees Can Focus on the Tasks They Do Best
Not only do RPA tools eliminate the training time required to teach employees to do these tasks efficiently but it also allows them to focus on the tasks that they do best.

Instead of spending time inputting the same sorts of data on a spreadsheet or scanning pages upon pages of text for specific keywords, they can be making sales and interacting with customers. A HubSpot report revealed that employees spend an incredible amount of time on tasks such as data entry, writing emails, and researching leads. These are all tasks that could be automated and delegated to an RPA tool.

You Won’t Have to Wait Around for Data
Even if an employee has been trained in data processing and analysis and even if your teams are fairly efficient at what they do, they still won’t be anywhere near as efficient as what an AI-powered RPA tool can do.
RPA tools are solely focused on the task you’ve set them on. They won’t be distracted by office gossip, personal errands or the view outside the window. It means that you’ll get your data sooner than if a human team was working on it.

Employees Don’t Have to Wait for Answers
And what of the benefits to your employees? By automating RPA tools, you can provide your employees with the answers that they’re seeking as and when they ask the questions.
Do they have a burning tech support question that is relatively simple to solve? Let your AI-powered tool connect the dots and provide the answer. Don’t know how to access a necessary file? Let your RPA tools figure it out for you. This way you won’t need to get additional help, distracting coworkers from their tasks.

Save Time Onboarding Users and Employees
Finally, RPA tools can even help you save time on onboarding users and employees.

Onboarding a new employee may require informing them about office policies, issuing them with accounts access, showing them how to locate files and more. Meanwhile, new users will need to know all of the necessary information about their accounts and the services you provide.

This is generally a time-consuming process. But, if an RPA tool has access to all of the answers, you can slash the onboarding time, reducing any delays caused by human involvement.

You may be surprised by the ways in which RPA tools can save you time. But the technology is designed to help, so let it alleviate the burden and the time strain.

First published: 7 July 2018, 13:21 IST