The evolution of RPA has made it easy for businesses to build up creative and innovative workforce without wasting time on mundane work. In an organization, there is a lot of task and activity which requires very less creativity and can be considered as boring and repetitive. The RPA software here takes on the charge of such tasks and diverts human workforce towards innovating, creating and emphasizing on more meaningful jobs.

The leaders are well aware of the perks of RPA and adapted to the fact that it will impact their company and workforce for better. At the recent Blue Prism event, the technology grabbed the center stage and leaders showcased the benefits of RPA in the business industry.

Pat Geary, Chief Evangelist with Blue Prism said, “They’ve never had the tools to do it before, they’ve never had the technical capabilities. Suddenly it’s in their hands and can unleash this creativity, this wave for entrepreneurialism.”

Blue Prism, the pioneer and innovator in RPA technology is remitting a digital workforce. This workforce provides government and business leaders intelligent automation skills to automate significant business processes while meeting up the requirements of the IT ecosystem.

The digital workforce is a collaboration of sophisticated software robots which enable efficient information processing, transaction execution and imitating the way human workforce performs. The only thing which is new with this is these robots can perform faster with fewer errors and are available 24X7.

Such digital workers are also able to collaborate and work in teams while combining forces to finish off workloads. They can inform, augment, support and assist people just like a human.

The intelligent digital workers will undoubtedly transform the whole organization and conquer many business challenges while delivering enhanced productivity, efficiency, adding values and creating opportunities.

Dave Moss, CTO, and co-founder of Blue Prism said, “Connected-RPA is all about closing that digital entrepreneur gap – empowering large enterprises to find their own internal entrepreneurs, join them together, and use technology that is business-led to deliver ongoing innovation. Organizations finding new capacity and speed to value and, with what we call the Connected Entrepreneur Enterprise, using their size as a strength to fight disruption and innovation from competitors.”

The transformation from the human workforce to the digital workforce is proving to be game-changing for businesses in order to stay ahead in the competition and accelerating market value. Along with emerging AI solutions, one can imagine an RPA-centric digital workforce capable of self-learning and constant improvements in order to empower users to automate hefty transactions, say billions, while saving millions of hours into the workspace. That is where the future of Technology and business industry is heading towards.

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