Seattle welcomes 1.21GWS’ Robotic Process Automation conference on 29 June 2018 at Talaris Conference Centre, Seattle.

This summer’s RPA conference hosts an amazing line up of speakers, all subject matter experts in their respective fields currently evaluating and implementing RPA for their businesses.


The conference kicks off with the 1st presentation, ‘The Coming Tsunami of RPA in Real Estate’, by Erick Watson, Chief Product Officer, Quantarium. Eric shares his experience and some real-life examples with reference to current and future use cases for RPA in the Real Estate Market, including everything from site selection, construction, sale, purchase, maintenance and obsolescence.

This is then followed by the 2nd presentation of the day, ‘Automation Powered by the Combination of RPA & AI Techniques’, by Rajaneesh R Kini, VP and Service Line Leader for Product Services & Support, Aricent. Rajaneesh discusses why leveraging RPA for automation is beneficial, and how employing AI tools amplifies and multiplies the benefits. His talk will explore some of the scenarios and benefits of leveraging combined capabilities of RPA and AI.

The third talk, ‘Framing the Problem’, is by Field Cady, Data Scientist, Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence (AI2). Sharing his experience with Machine Learning projects, this talk explores the process of translating business use cases into solvable analytics problems, drawing on examples from the Field’s extensive experience as a data science consultant. He will give delegates an insight on how to tackle the right problem in the right place with regards to machine learning work.

We then break from the presentation sessions for our popular round table discussion session facilitated by subject gurus without presentation slides. This gives delegates the opportunity to choose their own topics and discuss amongst peers RPA, challenges and issues which they may require guidance and share relevant solutions. This session is then concluded with a summary of discussions and learnings from the round tables for the audience’s benefit.

Next up in the programme is, ‘Amplifying Human Ingenuity with Microsoft AI’, by Paul Stubbs is a Director of Product Marketing for AI and Bots at Microsoft. Paul provides a high-level view of the Microsoft AI Platform and with demos.

Paul’s presentation leads on to, ‘Machine Philosophy’, by Dr.Sri Pruthvi Raju Pakalapati, A.S.I.F. Artificial Super Intelligence Formulator/Chief A.S.I. Scientist/Deep Secret State , Stealth Mode Startup Company.  Dr. Pruthvi, gives an interesting insight on the Science of A.S.I and its applications, benefits to the human entity along with its pros and cons.

The conference concludes with the final presentation by Jenna Bourgeois, CEO of Dynamics Intelligence’s presentation on ‘Integrating Robotic Process Automation With Your ERP’. Jenna discusses how Robotic Process Automation can be integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 – Dynamics 365 provides customers with the ability to monitor robotic processes in real-time.

Further Details:
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