Industrial automation has entered into a golden era of adoption and technological advancement, with consumer robotics taking the next level of growth indicators. The coming year promises to hold greater rewards for the Robotics sector with disruptive technologies and upgrades. Here are the five trends that will drive the Rise of Robots in 2019.

The Age of Cloud Robotics
Industry leaders point that 2019 will be a crucial year when cloud robotics becomes a vital component to industrial automations. It has been eight years since the concept of cloud robotics has been into the industry but the interest towards this stream is recent with Google and Amazon announcing new services aimed at cloud-based development, and/or management of robot applications and deployment efficiencies.

The advantages of connecting robots to the cloud bring increased computational power, storage, and effective communications, to name a few. Cloud connected robots are able to communicate with each other seamlessly in operations teams across environments. 2018 is often doubted as the year of the cloud as robotic companies have been at the forefront of cloud adoption and the benefits of a cloud-first approach is increasingly been felt.

Hailing CHINA
There is a growing international competition in this sector. With an intensifying global race for leadership in automation, as Europe, Asia, and North America join the race and vie for market share.

China in particular is running high on track to heavily influence the market as both a buyer and seller. According to Carl Vause, CEO of Soft Robotics China has bought more than half of all robots sold in the first half of 2018 and there are no signs of slowing down.

The International Federation of Robots has predicted there would be a massive increase of 1.8 million industrial robots in China by 2025, which is a tenfold increase over the current estimates. But the biggest impact on the industry is not the number units China purchases, but the number it manufactures at home.

The New Adopters are Here
Experts believe that 2019 will be a pivotal year for adoption as the industry is seeing a rapid adoption of industrial robots into new markets. Traditionally, the industrial robot market has been dominated by the automotive and electronics industries and over the past year, industry has seen a significant adoption and growth into the demand of robots into varied markets like food and beverage, warehousing, and logistics.

There is an increased debate about the concept of robots donning the role of perspective job killers and there is a need to prepare the workforce for the jobs of the future as automation becomes increasingly normalized across industries.


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