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Overview of the event

The Scaled Agile & Governance day is a must-attend event for individuals to drive better business outcomes for their customer or employer. It’s where the Scaled Agile Framework community gathers to learn best practices, network with each other, connect with thought leaders and influencers in the industry, and see first-hand how enterprises are leveraging frameworks like SAFe to continuously deliver value to the customer.

Since the inception of Agile, there are millions of decisions made for the betterment. The first obviously is the methodology to be followed. You have several frameworks starting from Scrum to Lean, Kanban and many others.

This event brings the experts and practitioners at one platform to help you decide or rethink about Agile software development and project management. We will discuss Agile, Lean, Scrum and Kanban and its advantages, disadvantages, stages, etc. Join us if you are a beginner because you will surely get to know the issues in advance. Join us if you are a practitioners because you will get the agile mantra from the thought-leaders, peers and agile community of Melbourne.

Few Takeaways:
1. Industry Best Practices
2. New Tools, techniques, frameworks in town
3. How others are doing the same thing differently?
4. Certificate of Participation
5. Presentation copies
6. Access to advanced Agile trainings

Facts & Figures About The Event

12 Speakers
12 Topics
50 Tickets

Conference Schedule

Advanced Agile - Scaling & Governance Summit, Melbourne

X Topic Abstract

Many organisations are only getting marginal benefits from the Agile practices they have implemented compared to orders of magnitude improvements promised by Agile case studies. This is because usually Agile practices are applied superficially rather than fundamentally changing the system to support Agility. In this session we are going to talk about how the lean-agile mindset and the principles of Scaled Agile Framework enables Agility across the entire enterprise and helps build a true resilient organization.

Speaker Profile

Arash is a well recognised enterprise agile coach and an international speaker. He is an evangelist of systems thinking, culture focused leadership, and empiricism.

Arash's mission is to help organisations move from opinion-based decision making to evidence-based decision making.

X Topic Abstract

Many organisations aspire to be world class in project delivery, but it is not an easy task to achieve. The organisation culture, resource skills, and entrepreneurial leadership play a major role to achieve their goals. Some of them are collaboration, rich communication, servant leadership, deliver values, accountability, and have fun to build high morale team.

Speaker Profile

Ravi is a well recognised Agile trainer/coach and also enjoys converting almost failed projects/programs into successful projects/programs within short-time.

X Topic Abstract

In this talk, i would like to focus on some of the pitfalls of Scrum and what can we do about them

X Topic Abstract

With greatly increased success rates in software development, improved quality, speed to market Agile has been the go to stop for many companies. But why do they fail in its implementation or rather Transformation? The answer is simple. Even today Agile is still considered as a process and called Agile Transformation. But Leadership should look at it as Organizational Transformation.

An organization transformation involves Leadership, Vision Strategy, Process, Tools and People transformation. In such a huge make shift leadership is the key piece driving the change, supporting and motivating entire chain below. A vision leader has like a virus. Resilient, Highly contagious. It can grow to define or destroy an organization; the stakes are extremely high. To ensure smooth transformation Leadership needs

"I" – Insights
"A" - Awareness
"M" - Maturity

This presentation is focused on generating insights, create awareness and test their maturity to take up the challenge. Moving them from AM I Transformed to I AM transformed.

X Topic Abstract

Outline/structure of the Session

1. Mistrust in organisations - what's the problem?
2. How does transparency help build trust, and what is needed for it to succeed to do so?
3. Proven and real examples of transparency (reporting and information radiators)
4. Scaling transparency

Learning Outcome

Why trust and transparency are important and interrelated.
The audience will learn about some proven information radiators for agile teams and how these help build trust in organisations.
We will also discuss scaling information without inhibiting creativity and ways of working

X Topic Abstract

This talk is about how our brains react to feedback, tips and tricks to give feedback, tips and tricks to take feedback, designing feedback for teams and hence feedback forms the lifeline of agility.

Speaker Profile

I am an agile coach who is passionate about bringing consistent and sustainable organizational change. I am fascinated by people and the richness of experience they help create. My experience has helped me shape who I am today, and I am known for creating a positive influence on people who I work with. I am an avid learner and curious to learn how various parts of any organization interacts and how it evolves, through a systems thinking lens.

X Topic Abstract

In the ever evolving and dynamic world of software architecture, you will hear new buzz words every other month

In the past couple of years microservice architectures have risen to prominence. Leading technology organizations, from Netflix to Facebook, are using microservice architectures to ensure they have the flexibility and nimbleness to rapidly adapt and respond to their customers. Microservices fits in well with Agile development and delivery.

Speaker Profile

I am a Senior Consultant at Dialog Information Technology. My experience includes working on both Legacy Microsoft Technologies to Latest cloud based technologies. I have varied experience across multiple enterprise projects across Banking , Insurance , government sectors , Health Care, CRM to name a few

I keenly follow the latest technology available and put them in to practice for solving business problems.

I frequently attend Hackathons ,conferences and other knowledge sharing events both to gain knowledge and share my experience among people.

X Topic Abstract

Aligning Colleagues, Customers and Business
Agile teams deliver customer value: they are responsive and adaptive to customer demands. This means they also deliver on business goals.
How might they do this more effectively?
And what happens when we want scale?

This talk gives a clear approach to aligning your business goals, customer value, and your colleagues personal growth.

We will map the principles of Agile onto the relationship between supply and demand, and the flow of value in a company. We'll also see how to tie these things to the human needs of your colleagues.

Through this alignment, we can unlock scale, faster.

X Topic Abstract

A true DevOps transformation requires significant changes to culture, strategy, leadership, and technology. Most people agree that the people aspects of DevOps transformations and removing organisational silos are the most challenging aspect of moving towards a resilient, all encompassing, DevOps environment. This is even more true in larger Enterprises

Scaled Agile framework adapts a systems thinking approach called valuestream mapping which helps us to come up with a roadmap for your DevOps transformation.

X Topic Abstract

In Lean-Agile transformation journey people, organisation and Enterprises faced three common issues:

1) Struggling in Adopting Agile practices without embracing the values and principles
2) Identifying the level of Agility that is required
3) Lack of a clear model for continuous transformation

Doing Agile can be achieved overnight, but being Agile is a long journey. Without the right mindset, it can be incredibly difficult to deal with complex issues in empirical environments and uncertain situations.

Level of Agility that is needed for a business depends on many internal and external factors like the nature of the market, level of competition, the maturity level of industry, etc. This means some organisations need to be more Agile than the others. The Transformation journey often is misled by having the wrong assumption of all organisations and people need to reach the same level of Agility.

MLAMP (Mazdak lean Agile Maturity Pyramid) is the first three-dimensional Agile Maturity Assessment which helps individuals and organisations (regardless of their type and size) to

1) Identify what level of Agility is needed? (the why)
2) Transit from the Shu (Doing) level and ultimately reach to the Ri (Being) level?
3) Transform less Agile organisations and people to more Agile ones?

Speaker Profile

Mazdak Abtin is a customer-centric, solution-focused, value-driven Agile Transformation coach, Co-founder of and creator of Lean-Agile Maturity Pyramid with over 19 years of experience across a variety of complex IT/Digital products in a wide range of industries and business environments.
Mazdak is expert in discovering market needs and creating products which users love to work with, and customers are happy to buy. He has proven record in increasing business’s ROI by delighting the customer. He is adept in thinking without the box to connect the dots and has a great track record of finding the most innovative and practical solutions in transforming organisations and evolve individuals mindset to be more Agile.

X Topic Abstract

After working as an Agile/Scrum practitioner for many years, it is now clear to me that high-performing teams require more than finely tuned processes and rituals. Scrum is a highly effective way to work, but often the secrets to a high-performing team get lost in literal translation by less experienced practitioners. Over the last several years we have heard phrases such as "being Agile rather than doing Agile" or "Agile 2.0." What all of these terms refer to is the "Agile Mindset" rather than the strict implementation of a particular framework or methodology. In my talk, I will discuss a new term I have been speaking about called "Inner Scrum." I will unpack how you can add the special sauce to your Scrum Team to become a high-performance Scrum Team. I will also discuss Play, Mastery, Psychological Safety and the Power of Story (the purpose).

Speaker Profile

Accomplished Project and Delivery Manager with over ten years experience leading and managing the development and delivery of software and media solutions in a wide variety of industries including financial, healthcare, non-profit, games, education, and construction. Expertise includes agile software development, iteration management, software life-cycle management, digital product strategy and new product development, agile transformation, change management and stakeholder management. Is a certified scrum master, SAFe leader and experienced agile coach.

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Our Speakers

Greg Skinner

Ex- Head of Customer Experience at APD and Lead Consultant


Arash Arabi

Agile Coach, ANZ

Founder and Principal Consultant, Sprint Agile

Indhu Palpandy

Product Owner BDM, Ex- Agile Coach

National Australia Bank

Pradeep Krishnaswamy

Senior Consultant

Dialog Information Technology

Ravi Shankar

Agile Coach, HSRS Global Training and Consulting

Capability Scrum Master, Telstra

Caio Cestari

Enterprise Agile Coach


Varun Maheshwari

Scrum Master


Bahar Rezvani

Agile Coach, ANZ

Lead Consultant, Infosys

Co-Founder, CTO, iAgile.Coach

Mazdak Abtin

Agile Transformation Coach - Heart of Agile | Co-founder / CEO, iAgile.Coach

Agile Coach, 13CABS

Kiran Ravula

Agile Coach

Tata Consultancy Services

Anoar Ahmed

Delivery Manager and Agile Coach

Trimantium GrowthOps

Mark Barber

Agile Coach


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Group of three or more

AUD 250

Till December 12
Early Bird

AUD 200

Till November 12

AUD 300

Till December 12

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Who can attend Advanced Agile - Scaling & Governance summit in Melbourne?

Scaled Agile and Governance Summit 2018 in Melbourne is open to anyone who has an interest in Lean, Scrum & Kanban or any related field.

Why to attend Advanced Agile - Scaling & Governance summit in Melbourne?

Understand the state of development of Advanced Agile - Scaling & Governance summit by exchanges, clearing houses, central counter parties and payment systems, and what it means for you.

What will you learn about?

Detecting where underlying problems and frictions exist in your organisation that will be alleviated by Advanced Agile - Scaling & Governance summit technologies. Using Advanced Agile summit as a tool for innovation across your organisation

Are there any prerequisites to attend this program?


Do I need to register for the event?

Yes, all conference attendees must register in advance to attend the event.

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