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Overview of the Training

This course covers in-depth and hands-on technical training in core enterprise DLT management solutions, cloud, IoT and AI technologies.
It will equip trainees with in-depth perspectives and practical skills on eDLT architectures, environments, as well as provide them with contextual technology and business insights.
It will provide hands-on practical experience and strengthen skills in the NEXT+ eDLT management platform across all its 85 functional modules.
It will also strengthen trainees’ skills and experience in technical topics such as IT and cloud fundamentals, DLT fundamentals, AI/IoT fundamentals, data management, agile SDLC methodologies, UML tools, UX/UI design, cyber-security, regulative compliance, DRM, digital transformation and implementation project and change management.
In addition, trainees will also strengthen their client facing skills via interactive simulating exercises throughout the day.

Facts & Figures About The Event

1 Trainer
1 Day Training
30 Tickets

Training Schedule

Enterprise DLT certification (cBx70)

Learning Objectives / Outline:

The Day will articulate around 8 phases

Warming-up | Overall agenda review + trainees introduction, context and personal goals

Phase 1: understanding eDLT technology context, technology, history and related concepts
• Demystify terminology and core concepts underpinning enterprise Distributed Ledger
• Refresh economics, business, IT, cloud and other technology-related concepts
• Deep-dive into blockchain use cases by core industry domain

Phase 2: eDLT NEXT+ platform overview and live demo / hands-on practice
• Understanding all backend functional modules (85 modules across 8 core sections)
• Setting-up and initialising a client node using NEXT+ implementer functions
• Setting-up a client node responsive front-end platform

Phase 3: eDLT multi-node ecosystems
• Understanding encryption protocols, data propagation, ecosystem properties and MSP's
• Setting-up a simple multi-node DLT ecosystem and propagate data across nodes
• Setting-up a complex multi-node multi-module permissioned ecosystem

Phase 4: eDLT smart contracts
• Understanding differences between DLT ecosystems and smart contracts
• Setting-up a simple smart contract and execute it
• Setting-up a complex multi-stage smart contract with automated milestones

Phase 5: Client and market engagement | pre-project tools
• Pre-project tech analysis and scoping/quoting
• Understanding and distilling COTS vs non-COTS aspects
• Evaluating non-COTS effort (ETL, API, IoT, OCD and other components)

Phase 6: Implementation, migration and change management aspects
• Conducting client discovery workshop/s | tools and mantra
• UML tools, Use Cases, UX/UI analysis and design
• ecosystems and platforms architectures
• project documentation and other tools
• change/transition management

Phase 7: Governance framework an operational management
• Security and risk management from cyber-defense to cyber-hunting
• G/local compliance, end-user, device and data policies
• Managing users and eco-systems

Phase 8: Wrap-up, Q&A, feedback

Workshop conclusion

X Aim

By the end of the day, trainees will gain an in-depth hands-on practical understanding of how to execute NEXT+ eDLT implementation projects with enterprise, institutional or complex ecosystem clients.
This will include analyzing and defining the client use cases, configuring any aspect of the functional 85 modules of the NEXT+ platform to materialize all application components required by the use cases for each class of actors.
Trainees will be able to initialize a client node, configure node back-end management features, front-end UI’s for the client end-users, setup complex multi-node public or private permissioned DLT ecosystems and smart multistage automated blockchain e-contracts.
The training will attract a formal cBx70 NEXT+ eDLT certification.

Trainer Details

Giovanni Di Noto

Founder, Chairperson & CTO


Profile: French-born, Euro-grown, Australian-adopted, with a blend of Mediterranean ancestry and Asian lifestyle, Giovanni Di Noto is a global leader in cloud economics with a cross-disciplinary tertiary background in business, IT and applied sciences and over 3 decades of new tech experience.
Recipient of prominent industry recognitions (including an APAC Innovation Award, Best eCommerce Award, Best IT implementation Award, Best International Contact Centre Award, Excellence in Talent Management Award and more nominations and commendations) Giovanni has led teams of inspiring professionals thriving across many sectors of the hyper-connected world.
In his CTO capacity at cloudyBoss Pty Ltd, Giovanni directly oversees the engineering and scientific teams who developed break-through technologies such as KEYSTONE, SKYE DLT, ANIMA and pursue research programs on unchained quantum computing DLT as well as other areas.
Giovanni regularly addresses audiences at global summits, national or state conferences, special lectures and briefings on strategic technology management topics at leading universities, professional institutes, executive teams and boards from a wide range of industries.
He was recently bestowed with an "Award for Excellence in Teaching & Learning" for his educational prowess and innovative approach to the design of new academic qualifications in technology.

Our Pricing

Group of 3 or more
Rs 10,000 + GST Till March 16
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Rs 12,000 + GST Till February 16
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Our Testimonial


Who can attend Enterprise DLT certification (cBx70) in Bangalore?

This course is specifically targeted to IT executives, business consultants, start-up entrepreneurs and other professionals aiming to implement enterprise DLT management solutions for their organisation and/or that of their clients.

Such responsibilities can be relevant to a wide range of job roles, such as:
• consultants and professionals looking into providing DLT or cloud consulting services.
• CIO, CTO or Head of IT for enterprise, government institution or NFP organizations.
• Founders, CEO’s, Managing Directors or Top Executives of start-up organizations.
• Any professionals seeking a deeper appreciation of enterprise DLT architectures.
• IT infrastructure managers seeking to extend their eDLT architecture skills.
• IT support organisations enhancing their scope of services to eDLT.
• IT professionals moving to an eDLT service management role.
• Other professionals with exposure to eDLT technologies.

Whats is the pre-requisite of this training?

There are no prerequisites. Participants can be from business, processes and/or technology background.

Do you organise onsite trainings at corporate's premises?

We run customised onsite trainings to meet corporate / startup's requirements. We also run this program in Universities and colleges around the world. However we cap the batch size to 20 to ensure the best results and use our own software and create a lab environment at your training premise.

Do you offer Discounts?

We offer 50% discounts to students (should have a valid students ID card" and Startups employees (should have a valid certificate of incorporation of the startup they represent).

We offer group discounts of upto 20% to corporates if they do group bookings of 5 and above.

Do I need to bring my laptop to this training?


I have more queries. Whom should i contact?

Please write to us at nitesh@1point21gws.info with your queries. Our counselor shall revert to you within two working days.

My companies doesn't do online payments. Can we do the payment via any other means?

We also accept Bank transfers. To avail this facility, you have to write to us and subsequently send us Purchase Order before the event. We require Bank transfer to be done before the training date. However we can also accept purchase order from companies with good credit history.

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