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Overview of the Online Training

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) – BluePrism course is designed for the professionals who wish to learn the usage of BluePrism in their automation projects that helps professional in polishing their automation skillset and organization in making automation ready future.

Why Robotic Process Automation (RPA) -

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the use of software with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning capabilities to handle high-volume; repeatable tasks that previously required a human to perform. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is used by large organizations to cut down time and effort (and thereby reducing cost) while improving the quality of delivery. Therefore, people who are suitable for RPA are the people who can look at the Business Process in detail with a critical eye and visualize what can be done better. It helps to know the RPA tools and their capabilities.

Why BluePrism –

Blue Prism is the market-leading Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tool. It provides to the business and corporations a lot of lightsomeness within the workspace. Blue Prism can offer high-quality information that may use consequential promoting Intelligence and Business Intelligence to spot the client behavior, real-time analytics, and alter of each action; this all can pay attention of the automation software package. Blue Prism can modify you to grow revenue, client satisfaction and automated business and marketing intelligence methodology.

Course Objective

By the end of the BluePrism course candidate should be able to do:
• RPA introduction and its business views
• You can able to create the automated projects in process studio and object studio
• Creating the workflow by using objects and processes.
• You can work on any domains like finance, BPO, software, insurance etc.
• You will gain the total practical knowledge on BluePrism Control room, administrator panel and system tools.
• You can design backend bots and deploy them easily.
• You will be able to design automation strategy using control room, queues and bots
• Blue Prism Infrastructure, Installations and Administrative services
• Infrastructure and Installation models
• Skills in User, Roles and Permission

Facts & Figures About The Event

1 Speaker
35 Hours Training
20 Tickets

Online Training Schedule (Feb 1-2, Feb 8-9, Feb 15-16, Feb 22-23, 2019)

Robotic Process Automation BluePrism Online Training, Singapore

X Training Abstract

Day 1

1. Introduction to RPA and Blue Prism
- Introduction of RPA and Blue Prism
- Setting up and getting started with Blue Prism
- Walkthrough of Blue Prism Tool

2. Basics of Process Studio and Object Studio
- Description of different stages of Process studio
- Data Item, Calculation, Multi Calculation, Decision, Anchor stages
- Choice stage and loop stage
- Scope of Data Items
- Breaking process into sub processes
- Passing Parameters across pages and Objects
- Importing VBO in Blue Prism
- Excel Automation

Day 2

3. Windows application Automation(End-to-End)
- Spying of UI Elements
- Define Actions in VBO
- Testing of VBO Actions
- Publish Actions of VBO
- Process creation using custom VBO
- Process to handle single record
- Process to handle multiple records from Excel file

4. Exception Handling – Basics and implementation in process/Object
- Recover and Resume
- Throwing Exceptions
- Preserving the Current Exceptions
- Exception Bubbling & Exception Blocks
- Exceptional Handling in practice

Day 3

5. Work Queue – Basics and implementation in process
- Windows application automation using Work Queue

6. Web application automation (End-to-End)
- Spying of UI elements in web application
- Define Actions in VBO
- Implementation of Waits in VBO
- Implementation of Exception handling
- Process creation for multiple records from Excel file
- End to End testing of developed automation
- Using break point, step into, step over

7. Surface Automation
- Introduction to Surface Automation
- Training Application and Object Model
- Interacting with Application Elements (Text boxes, Combo boxes, buttons etc.)
- Sending Key events and Special keys

Day 4

8. Email Automation
- Received Email
- Send Email
- Attachment

9. Multi Bot Architecture
- Overview and Setup
- Environment Locking
- Modification in process to run on multi Bot

10. Blue Prism Login Agent
- Overview and setup
- Login agent in Production
- Setting up Blue Prism run time resource

Day 5

11. System Admin Function
- Use of Environment Variables
- Publish process
- Run process from Control Room
- Package and release management
- Scheduling of processes
- Security management (User and role)

12. RPA Project Activities and artifacts
- Process selection Framework – Discovery Phase
- Process effort Estimation
- RPA Project Estimation
- RPA Tool selection
- BOT size calculation and ROI calculation
- Walkthrough of PDD and SDD Documents

Trainer's Profile

Trainer 1:

• 5 years of experience in Robotics Process Automation using Automation Anywhere 10.3 and in ASP.NET and have automated more than 5 projects in RPA.
• Involved in end to end software development life cycle including Process Assessment, Requirement Gathering (Scope Clarification), solution documentation, and development, UAT, Production and Client Interaction.
• Responsible for successful deployment of project at client’s end. Provide support to users during UAT and also debug the Root Cause of any issue.

Trainer 2:

• RPA Developer foundation Diploma in UIpath
• PMP training completed
• ITILv3 Foundation certified.
• Winner of Most valuable Employee of the Year award for innovation in 2009 in Ventura India Pvt Ltd

Trainer 3:

Implemented End to End Robotic Process Automation (RPA) processes using Blue Prism.
Performed process assessment, deep dive RPA feasibility for processes for Premier Provider Services
Created reusable automation framework reusable libraries with data externalization for RPA implementation.
Actively participating in Test plan preparation, validating the Client requirements and identifying the various Scenarios for Automation Development.

Trainer Details

Trainer Name


Company Name

Our Pricing


SGD 2000

Till February 01

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Who can attend Robotic Process Automation BluePrism Online Training in Singapore?

• IT / Software Professional
• Project Managers
• HR Professionals
• BPO executives / Managers
• Supply Chain Management Professional
• Finance Professionals
• Healthcare professional
• Manual Tester /Selenium Tester

Whats is the pre-requisite of this training?

There are no prerequisites required to learn BluePrism. However, having basic knowledge of any programming language will be an added advantage.

Do you organise onsite trainings at corporate's premises?

We run customised onsite trainings to meet corporate / startup's requirements. We also run this program in Universities and colleges around the world. However we cap the batch size to 20 to ensure the best results and use our own software and create a lab environment at your training premise.

Do you offer Discounts?

We offer 50% discounts to students (should have a valid students ID card" and Startups employees (should have a valid certificate of incorporation of the startup they represent).

We offer group discounts of upto 20% to corporates if they do group bookings of 5 and above.

Do I need to bring my laptop to this training?

For this workshop, all trainees have to bring their laptops, charging cables and pen drive to copy the notes that we provide. Users may also have an active AWS account (not mandatory).

I have more queries. Whom should i contact?

Please write to us at naveen@1point21gws.info with your queries. Our counselor shall revert to you within two wroking days.

My companies doesn't do online payments. Can we do the payment via any other means?

We also accept Bank transfers. To avail this facility, you have to write to us and subsequently send us Purchase Order before the event. We require Bank transfer to be done before the training date. However we can also accept purchase order from companies with good credit history.

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