RPA Consulting Services

1.21GWS is a Technology services firm focusing on business solutions via emerging technologies with a mission to provide an ecosystem to prepare enterprises and individuals for the future. We help accelerating industrialization of software robotic technologies.

AI Consulting Services

1.21GWS is a Technology services firm focusing on business solutions via emerging technologies with a mission to provide an ecosystem to prepare enterprises and individuals for the future. We help accelerating industrialization of software robotic technologies.


We are a business media company specializing in emerging technology and evolving business processes.


We arrange company meet-ups worldwide serving
as community platforms for industry collaboration.

Customised Events

121Events: Technology Enthusiasts in the Conference Business

Full-service integrated event marketing for companies who wish to stay ahead in emerging technology space like Digital Marketing, Robotic Process Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, IoT, DevOps, Testing, Analytics, Big Data, etc.

1.21GWS (A Global Tech Arm of Markpro Consulting & Technologies Pvt. Ltd.) reputation is to build and create an ecosystem of high level, top quality events that bring together senior technology industry executives in an environment where real value is exchanged, and relationships are developed.

Unlike most conference companies, 1.21GWS is focused on the Emerging Technology Sector and many members of our team have over 17 years’ experience in this marketplace. This means we can drive real quality in the content of our events. They are always topical, relevant, interactive and provocative and some of the biggest names in the high-tech industry have spoken or attended our events.

With our experienced team and international contacts, we can stage events anywhere in the world with your company as the primary focus.

The skills, contacts and experience behind these events are now available to you.

The focus of any organisation is to work towards mission and vision of the organisation without sacrificing the core objectives. Your company brand is very important to all aspects of your business. Our team of professionals will take the necessary STEPS to ensure that your event will clearly communicate your image, goals and vision. When these events are timed with product launches, we work with your corporate marketing team to time messaging and support broader corporate marketing initiatives.

Budgets are important, especially today, and are committed to staying within budget.

We can take care of every detail, enabling you to focus on your core objectives. Together we will deliver an effective, specifically tailored event that achieves, and surpasses, your goals in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Following numerous requests and proposals, we are pleased to offer a complete support which includes planning an event end to end which in turn generate:

1) Knowledge Sharing Forum
2) Networking Opportunities
3) Brand your Company in the Global World.
4) Provide Leads to you which will help you grow the business

We can also offer comprehensive planning and management service across a broad spectrum of technology-related events, including:

• Gala Networking Dinners
• Evening Cocktail Networking Sessions
• Vendor Briefings events
• Channel & Partner events
• Internal Employee events
• Internal Marketing events
• Roadshows
• Tradeshow Events & Promotions
• Branding and Product Launches


We have developed a team who will help you to generate hot and emerging topics and content which will produce attention grabbing session descriptions, round table discussions, panel discussions and to identify key industry participants for optimal promotion of your message, and strategy. We will work with you to leverage your corporate branding and, as appropriate, develop and deliver memorable, themed events to generate leads for your business growth.


We have arranged for prestigious speaker participation from Presidents, CEOs, CTOs, Founders from the biggest names in the Industry at our conferences. With our global knowledge banks of challenging, thought-provoking and entertaining presenters, visionaries and ‘people in the know’ we will deliver the most relevant and memorable speakers for your program.


1.21GWS partners with many respected industry leaders and media organisations – delivering timely and insightful analysis of industry trends and technologies. These internationally respected organisations include: HCL One Test, Accenture, Infovision, Usereum, BitFwd, Bot Mantra, and many more.


Our contacts and experience of international markets, media and business cultures offer a truly international platform to roll out your message throughout the USA, the ANZ region, Europe and Asia-Pacific, should you require it.


Do you have a key message to put across? A team to motivate? A product or service to launch? Or simply something to celebrate? Whatever you are planning, you can be sure the experience will be a whole lot richer, more effective, memorable and fun with 1.21GWS. It will also put a lot less strain on your team!

Our professional event management service includes:

• Initial consultation and planning meeting
• Full event proposal including detailed budget
• Integrated event theme from sending invitations to conference set design to AV and presentation templates
• Securement & placement of high level speakers
• Introductions to complementary businesses/partners
• On-site management and staffing
• Promotion & support marketing

Sample of Past Organised Event in 2019

Selenium Day in Bangalore from Jan 31- Feb 2 in collaboration with HCL One Test

World Blockchain Conclave in Bangalore from March 19-20 in collaboration with Accenture

AI, RPA & Cognitive Summit in Dallas, US on May 3, 2019 in collaboration with Infovision

So, let’s get together and move together to achieve.

Please contact us on:

Telephone: +919810667556, +61416893630 / +61416576383, +1 973 536 2507

Email: naveen@1point21gws.info, archana@1point21gws.info, nitesh@1point21gws.info