Technology invades our lives and it’s predicted that the USA alone will lose about 16% of existing jobs. However, with the help of artificial intelligence, people would get 13.6 million jobs that were almost impossible to imagine even a few years ago. All areas of our life will be connected to technology. One of the most important areas – education will also be supported by AI.

Teachers are still lecturing on academic papers writing and instructing students without the help of machines. However, some of the basic things can be easily handled by machines. Therefore, teachers will have an opportunity to do more important tasks, for example, talking to students, making sure they understand tasks and assisting them while all manual tasks will be done by technology. In this article, we decided to list some great examples of how AI will improve education in the nearest future.

5 Effective Ways AI Will Improve Education

Let’s review some of the most amazing examples of how technology will help students to enjoy studying and get more educated and skilled in a shorter time without stress.

1. Personalized learning in schools and colleges

With the help of AI, teachers and tutors will have more time to monitor how the students are using individual concepts. Therefore, teachers will no longer have to teach things and perform routine tasks that can be studied and done with the help of modern devices but focus on monitoring specific methods and see how good students understand them. Success is machine learning the future.

2. Well-organized learning processes

Researchers say that AI will do a better job at organizing the learning processes than qualified and experienced tutors can do. Machine learning is more advanced at curriculum organization and management. It analyzes what works for students and teachers and offers the best model of education students in the most effective way of advising teachers on how to manage the learning process only. As a result, both teachers and students can enjoy the learning/teaching process and see progress without struggling and spending too much time on achieving results. Nowadays, young people can use the best essay writing service for Australian students and get some tasks done online while focusing on more important ones. Also, the Turnitin plagiarism detection service has developed a program that reviews essays and checks papers for plagiarism. These are clear examples of how AI is already helping students to get simple things done quicker.

3. AI will prediction student’s educational path

Machine learning in education will help to analyze students’ capabilities and performance. Smart programs will help to study how young people understand the material, their strong and weak points in order to predict how they will perform in the future. With the help of such programs, it would be so much easier to plan a study plan and help students to improve their grades. The role of teachers would be to support and assist students during an educational process. In some schools, colleges, and universities learning analytics already schedule personalized learning experiences and help students to feel more comfortable and confident when learning new material.

4. Unbiased grading

One of the main problems that often occur in schools and colleges is biased grading. Artificial intelligence software will provide unbiased grading and make students trust the educational system more. No attitudes and prejudices of teachers will affect the students’ scores. AI will make all students equal still helping each and everyone to follow his own learning path and reaching goals.

5. Predicting career path

AI doesn’t only predict the educational future for the students helping them to understand and visualize their perspectives. Advanced platforms gather information from a student’s college application, their essays, tests, and recommendations from teachers in order to determine their career paths. Nowadays, technology can predict students’ weak and strong points, detect what they are good at and in what areas they may have troubles. By analyzing a student’s strength and interest, AI can identify a career path and help a student to move towards his or her goal.


There are great experiments that have already been proved to be very effective for both students and teachers. AI will make big and positive changes in education helping students to enjoy the learning process and have a better understanding with their teachers. Students will no longer feel apprehensive towards their teachers and be scared of being judged. Young people are very good with technology, therefore, having modern devices and studying with the help of online resources will make them feel comfortable. As soon artificial intelligence will be fully implemented into education, we will see education upgrade to new levels faster than at any time in history.